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Check out the below career related information and resources specific to the needs of adult and non-traditional students.


Career exploration is a process, often continual, of learning about yourself and the world of work. Whether you are searching for your first career or you are an experienced job seeker considering a career change, below you will find resources to identify and explore potentially satisfying occupations and develop an effective strategy to realize your goals.

  • Career Assessments - OASES offers two career assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), which assess your personality and interests, to help you gather information about yourself to make educated career decisions. Contact us at 704-687-5104 or to get instructions to take the assessment(s) or for more information!
  • My Next Move - Explore careers by key words, industry or answer questions about the type of work you enjoy to see careers that match.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - See occupations based on pay, education, training, projected growth or browse occupation groups. 
  • CareerOneStop - Find career and job search resources for the older worker, career changer, veteran, laid-off worker, workers with disabilities and search careers by skills, salary and more.
  • University Career Center offers assessments, career panels, informational interviews, job shadowing, and WCIDWAMI (What can I do with a major in...) Days  to help you explore majors and associated career options.
  • Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan - Learn steps to get the most out of your short-term and long-term career planning.
  • Using a SWOT Analysis in Your Career Planning - Explore your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to achieve career success. 


 Gain Experience

Securing your dream job is as competitive now as ever. As an adult student or non-traditional student, you likely have an edge if you have professional work experience because of your demonstration of maturity and commitment; however, employers want to hire job candidates with specific skill sets and relevant experience that match the needs of the particular job. Even with a busy schedule, gaining relevant experience or skills needs to be a priority to ensure you reach your career goals. Read below to find out how you can gain relevant experience from internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, and research opportunities. 

  • Internships For Adults: Don't Get Your Degree Without It - Learn about the importance of gaining real life experience from an adult student. 
  • Internships - Find career-related internships in Hire-A-Niner. Some academic departments offer academic credit for internships.
  • University Professional Internship Program (UPIP) - Explore paid on-campus internships.
  • Part-time jobs - Find part-time jobs in Hire-A-Niner, an online job posting board with listings specifically for UNC Charlotte students.  
  • Volunteering - Consider formal volunteering opportunities through government, education, and non profit organizations or create your own through strategically reaching out to companies of interest. Many volunteer opportunities can lead to formal internships or job opportunities in the future. 
  • Enhancing Education: The Benefits of Service Learning - Learn how service learning can be a great resume builder while also giving you relevant career experience
  • Research - UNC Charlotte offers research opportunities and independent study options for students interested in an indepth study of specific topics, which can be especially beneficial for students pursuing advanced education opportunties.  Ask your instructors or academic department about potential opportunities. 


 Get a Job

Ready for your dream job? Whether you are an experienced job seeker or new to the job search process, make sure you have a strategic plan in place to achieve your career goals. We recommend starting to plan early, to allow time to refresh your job search skills and fill in any gaps that you may have in skills and experience. Check out the resources below to help you get started!



  • Networking - Almost 80% of job vacancies today are never advertised. Networking is a powerful way to get your foot in the door!
  • Hire-A-Niner - Use this online job posting board with listings specifically for UNC Charlotte students, including entry-level and experienced positions.
  • Make Linkedin Work for You - Learn from these 25 tips to create your profile, build your network, and use LinkedIn as a networking tool.
  • Visit Hire-A-Niner to find out when the next career fairs and employer events are. Get directly connected with employers through career fairs and employer events offered by the University Career Center.


Remember, we are here to help!