Common Questions

As faculty, staff, and advisors, you may be asked questions by Adult Students that are unfamiliar. Please see below for a list of common questions to assist in answering these concerns for our adult and non-traditional population.

Paying for College
“Are there scholarships for Adults?”

  • YES! OASES has worked with donors to award $100,000 to adult students specifically. More information can be found at about how students can apply!


“I haven’t taken math in forever. Can I even learn again?”

  • Of course you can! The math placement test is a great start to gage where students should start. The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC) provides tutoring for certain sections of Math in addition to tutoring provided by the UCAE. There are additional on-line versions of help for those not always able to come to campus. Khan Academy and iTunes University are great examples.

“What resources are there to help me take Spanish after 25 years?”

“Why do I need to take ACCT 1, I have worked in banking forever?”

  • At this time, UNC Charlotte does not offer credit-for-work-experience programs. Encourage them that they will likely learn more than they think and how valuable that knowledge can be toward other students struggling! 


Working Student
“Do you have an evening degree program?”

  • We do not have an evening degree program. Right now there are six majors that can be completed in the evenings and on-line with careful scheduling and planning. Contact an OASES Advisor or reference the programs of study for more information about this.

“Do you offer childcare?”

  • At this time we do not offer childcare. The recently established family-friendly study room in Atkins library can be a helpful alternative as a place to bring children and study while keeping them entertained. Visit the OASES Parenting Resources webpage for more information.

“Do you have any evening classes?” (HINT: it’s listed!)


“How do I navigate my Veteran Benefits? How many classes can I take?”

  • Be cordial about referrals. It’s OK to say, “Norm Niner usually handles those questions, here is their direct line”. Make those connections so you can refer students better and stay updated with any changes occurring. In the instance of working with our student veterans, attend the Military Culture Learning and Organizational Development Class!