Our Services


One-on-one Collaboration

For adult learners in the classroom, it is important to be an advocate for their success. Many may face challenges during their return, and knowing how to establish a relationship, expectations, and best practices for reaching their learning styles are important. Knowing this, we can work together to increase adult student success and retention.  Visit our office or make an appointment with an advisor to learn more about how to work with this population in your professional capacity.


“The transition back to the university was somewhat challenging. I hadn’t had any type of formal learning in 27 years so I was fearful of returning to this type of arena, but my very first professor was there to encourage and guide me through the process.”   B.A.


Extended Hours

Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 7:00pm and Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm.  Our extended hours allow flexibility for you and your students’ questions and concerns to be answered by one of our knowledgeable advisors at times when other offices may not be open.


Academic Advising

The OASES academic advising mission is to assist adult and nontraditional students in developing and implementing individual plans for achieving their academic and career goals.  An OASES academic advisor is available Monday through Friday including our extended hours.  If you meet with a student who you feel would benefit from meeting with one of our Advisors, encourage them to make an appointment using Starfish.  We also meet with prospective students, who can call 704‑687‑5104 or email adultstudents@uncc.edu to schedule an appointment.


Online Chat with an Advisor

If students can’t make it in person or over the phone, they can chat with one of our advisors on-line using our new live chat feature. Chat hours and feature available on our home web-page at oases.uncc.edu.


Library Guide & Librarian

Introducing the Atkins Library Research Guide for Adult Students! Adult students can learn about research preparation, watch how to videos, and check out the library’s databases. Beth Scarborough is the library’s specialized  adult student representative and can be reached at: 704-687-0496 or by e-mail at Beth.Scarborough@uncc.edu.


Adult Student Orientation

Where newly admitted students can learn about scholarships, mentoring services, student success strategies, and other resources designed for adult and nontraditional students!


Career Counseling

OASES Advisors are trained to administer two career assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong     Interest Inventory (SII), which assess personality and interests, to help students gather information and make educated career decisions. Matthew French, Assistant Director in the University Career Center serves as the OASES liaison.



“Being an adult student is an experience I could have never imagined. I have earned the respect and admiration of the other students and teachers see me as someone who is honestly passionate about her career of choice. I love school, and I love that I am appreciated for who I am, and what experiences I can share with others.”    S.R.


Educational & Social Programming

Educational and social programs give students opportunities to enrich their academic experience and connect with other students, faculty, and staff. Educational workshops may discuss hot topics for adults such as financial aid, academic planning, career exploration, and stress relief. Social programs vary by semester but may include open houses, movie nights, and coffee mixers. We encourage you to join us for our programs to meet our staff and students.


49er Finish Program

The 49er Finish Program recruits and assists former UNC Charlotte seniors with completing their degrees. 49er Finish uses a concierge approach to advise students on readmission and enrollment requirements, general education, current academic policies and procedures, and connects them with the appropriate academic department and campus resources. If you work with 49er Finish Students, we thank you for helping ease their transition back to the university!


Family Friendly Library Study Room

We’ve partnered with the Atkins Library and the ANSWER Scholarship program to build a family friendly study room in Atkins, complete with computers, study spaces, and children’s educational toys. Find out more at oases.uncc.edu/programs.


Adult Student Connection on Canvas

Adult Student Connection on Canvas: An on-line discussion board and resource for adult students to connect with other adult students, ask questions, & explore campus resources.


“I work really hard to participate in class and get good grades because I feel a certain stigma is associated with having kids while still in college. I want to prove that just because I chose a different path than most, I can still have a successful career.”   M.M.