Cory Burr

Cory Burr UNCC
Somewhere, NC
Computer Science with a concentration in Business Management

After roughly 10 years of working full time and taking classes on and off, Cory Burr has returned full time to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Business Management. As a transfer from CPCC, Cory is navigating the full-time student “groove” and taking advantage of available campus resources to make his journey at UNCC easier.

Cory was compelled to return to school full-time when he realized he was enjoying his experience in the working world, but was working a job that didn’t have the advancement opportunities he was looking for. Cory knew that without a degree, he could only get so far in the workplace and was interested in acquiring more than just a job, but a career.

Cory states, “I sat down and began to think on where I wanted my life to take me.  If I wanted to have a successful career, then it was time for me to refocus and pursue a brighter future through education and possibly earn my master’s”.

Cory’s journey to return to school as an adult student has proved to be challenging. “I have been trying to find a “groove” for studying and life.  My course load is demanding and finding time to balance school and having a life is still a work in progress”. 

When asked about services that helped him navigate his return to school and his coursework, he mentioned that the workshops and SI sessions through the University Center for Academic Excellence, Starfish, and the Office of Adult Students and Evenings Services were vital tools for him getting adjusted to the new campus environment.

“The office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES) was my starting place here at UNCC.  The first time I set foot on this campus, I met with OASES.  They showed me the quick info guide, maps of where classes and buildings are located on campus, made phone calls to other departments asking questions on my behalf.  Since then, OASES has explained scholarship opportunities and taken a look at my scheduling to help me plan and pay for my future at UNCC.  Without OASES, starting and navigating the intricate workings of college would have been arduous.”

Cory’s advice for adult students who are returning to school is to “Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal.” He also believes in taking time to dedicate yourself to your classes and school work in order to make this learning experience worthwhile. He states, “Classes are even more demanding with the internet becoming more and more popular.  I understand that you want your degree as soon as possible, but try not to be in a hurry to finish.  If you overload yourself with too many classes, you will only end up hurting your grades.  Start with a light course load then add more if you can handle it”.

Moving forward, Cory is focused on gaining hands on experience on his field and keeping up with school. For him, gaining experience through an internship is a catalyst as he plans on starting a career upon graduation and giving back to his community while working his way up in his field.