49er Finish Program

UNC Charlotte believes that your graduation is paramount to your success.

The 49er Finish Program assists former UNC Charlotte students with completing their degrees.  The personalized advising services offered through OASES and specific major departments help students determine the most effective and efficient plan for fulfilling their graduation requirements. 

4 Steps to a 49er Finish

Follow these four easy steps for readmission into UNC Charlotte.

  1. Apply for readmission
    • If you meet the 49er Finish admission requirements, complete the 49er Finish application.
    • If you are unsure if you meet the 49er Finish admission requirements, please contact the Program Coordinator, Jillian Stubbs.
    • You will receive notification of your admission status within 4 weeks.
  2. Contact Jillian Stubbs for personalized advising to help you find courses that meet your needs.
    • We collaborate with faculty to arrange your schedule and create a successful academic plan.
    • We’ll also help you coordinate with other departments for parking passes, submitting paperwork, etc. to make returning to college easier for you.
  3. Review our 49er Finish scholarship opportunity!
    • It’s always nice to get rewarded for your commitment to further your education; let us make it easy for you!  This scholarship is offered to students who are readmitted through the 49er Finish Program.
    • You must complete the FAFSA prior to applying for the scholarship.
  4. Register for courses
    • Class registration is held prior to each term.
    • After you register for courses, your tuition will be determined and a bill will be emailed to your student account.
    • Having trouble? Let us help! We will provide an in-person tutorial on registering for courses.

Who is eligible for the 49er Finish program?

Participants must be former UNC Charlotte undergraduate students who completed 90 credit hours or more toward a degree and are in good disciplinary and academic standing with a 2.0 CGPA or better.

For more information

If you would like additional information on the program, please contact the Office of Adult Students and Evening Services at 704‑687‑5104. You can also read about the program in several news releases.


"Everything worked out really well... and really fast. I'm thankful for your help and encouragement; all of which motivated me to be persistent about finishing my degree.”

- H.M., 49er Finish Program student

“I'm enjoying my two classes, and it actually feels good to be a student again. I told my third grade classes at work that I'm studying and taking tests this year just like they are. They're very encouraging, which is certainly welcomed! Thanks again for all your help in getting me started on this journey!”

- L.F., 49er Finish Program student