ANSWER Scholarship Family-Friendly Library Room in Atkins Library

Campus Support for Parents

The Office of Adult Students and Evening Services, (OASES) and UNC Charlotte’s J. Murrey Atkins Library in partnership with the ANSWER Scholarship program recently established the ANSWER Scholarship Family-Friendly Library Room on the second floor of Atkins. Studying with children? Register to use this fun Family-Friendly Library Room!



The ANSWER Scholarship Family-Friendly Library Room is a designated campus resource that enhances adult students’ ability to excel in their academic programs while caring for children and dependents.This space serves as a place where parents can bring their children and study.

Amenities & Location

Located in Room 209, the space is equipped with: 
  • Early Literacy Learning Station (as seen in public library's)
  • Two Computers and Two Desks
  • TV, DVD Player & Headphones
  • Kid’s Table & Chairs
  • LeapFrog Educational & Disney Movies
  • Assortment of Children’s Toys, Books & Coloring Supplies


Students who have children and are interested in reserving this space for studying must register in advance. If you would like to register, please complete this form. Once registered, reservations for the roomcan be made on the Atkins Library website. The room is secured with swipe access to those registered during their reserved time.

About the Room

UNC Charlotte’s J. Murrey Atkins Library and the Office of Adult Students and Evening Services (OASES) in partnership with the ANSWER Scholarship program have established this family-friendly study room as a designated safe space for adult students and their children (ages 0-12) to thrive educationally. As our adult student population continues to increase at the University, the need for a family-friendly space in the library is necessary to tailor to the unique needs of adult students. It is our collective hope that with the establishment of this room, adult students will feel support from the University and donors who demonstrate that their lives and responsibilities as students at UNC Charlotte are valued. The materials, toys and technology in this room will encourage learning opportunities for children to enhance motor skills and facilitate literacy skills. Children’s involvement with their parents on a college campus supports the idea of positive modeling for children’s future educational opportunities.
About the sponsor: The ANSWER Scholarship Program
In 1984, Susan Andersen graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a B.A. in Business Administration. A scholarship from a local organization made it possible for her to attend college. Andersen vowed she would someday pay it forward and help others. She founded The ANSWER Scholarship in 2006.  ANSWER scholarships are awarded to local moms who are earning their first four-year degree in any field. ANSWER is one of the few college scholarships in the United States exclusively for mothers with school-age children. ANSWER has helped remarkable mothers earn college degrees and become strong and self-supporting. Their children are inspired to follow their moms’ example and work harder in school.  ANSWER thrives thanks to gifts from individuals, organizations, companies, and houses of worship. To learn more about qualifying for an ANSWER scholarship, or to find out how to become a donor, visit


Any questions about this room and usage, please contact Atkins Library at 704-687-0491 OR OASES at 704-687-7780.