ANSWER Scholarship Family-Friendly Library Room Usage & Policies

  • ANSWER Scholarship Family-Friendly Library Room is reserved for UNC Charlotte students and their families. Access is limited to these students with a valid 49er Card.
  • Use of the room, including the computers, is to be shared - with a maximum occupancy of two (2) families.
  • For questions, problems or your 49er Card is not working on the door please visit the Circulation Desk.
  • Parents/guardians must have their children present in the Family-Friendly Library Room in order to use this space.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's safety and behavior.
  • Atkins library staff cannot oversee unescorted or unsupervised children, nor be responsible for their safety.
  • No toys, books, electronics, or movies should leave the room.
  • The ANSWER Scholarship Family-Friendly Library Room is not sound-proof. Please remind your children that the library is generally a quiet place and to use soft voices. If using the TV or early literacy station, please make sure headphones are used at all times.
  • Please do not leave children unattended in this room! Children are to be with you while you study and leave the room for any reason.
  • Early Literacy Station: If this equipment is not working and you need help immediately, call 704-687-7780. For less urgent issues, report a problem via e-mail at adultstudents@uncc.edu.
  • While food and drink are allowed in the Library, we ask that you refrain from having drinks near the computers and literacy station to protect them for future use.
  • Please respect all items in the room, other occupants, and feel free to use cleaning clothes and hand sanitizer to protect the spread of germs as you see fit. Room is to be cleaned bi-weekly.
  • If you have not yet registered to have access to reserve and use this room, please e-mail adultstudents@uncc.edu or visit oases.uncc.edu!
  • If the room is occupied by other students without children when you arrive with a prior reservation, they must vacate the room for library patrons who have children. If you need assistance, ask library staff.
  • “A Mother's Place”, located in the College of Health and Human Services 305, and “A Mother's Place, Too”, located in Atkins Library G38, are spaces that have been set aside specifically for nursing mothers to express breast milk. A Medela Symphony breast pump is available for use and collection kits are available for purchase through Human Resources. Students can sign up to use “A Mother's Place” (CHHS 305) by contacting Colette Townsend-Chambers at 704-687-7918 or Loraine Ford at 704-687-7919. Students can sign up to use “A Mother's Place, Too” (Atkins Library G38) by contacting Cindy Edwards at 704-687-0658 or at ckedward@uncc.edu,  or Adeleen Ashley at 704-687-0650 or at aashle13@uncc.edu.
  • Failure to follow the policies listed above may result in loss of room privileges.