Current Student Success Stories

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Finishing your degree as an adult is possible. Become inspired by some of our student testimonials!

Phil, a Management Information Systems major, describes his story of first stepping foot on campus, and the steps he has taken for personal and professional success since.  

William Branch exclaimed, "What better place to begin a journey of the mind than UNC Charlotte?" Enjoy reading more about his path to education as a 49er.

Dean shares his inspiring journey of working and attending classes (both full-time) to achieve his educational dreams and further his professional knowledge. Read more about Dean VanHart's journey.

Janice transferred to UNCC to seek a degree in Sociology with a minor in Social Work after attending and working at Fayetteville State University. As an employee at the university, Janice opened up about her experiences with several different components of the university that have helped and contributed to her success and enjoyment as an adult student at UNC Charlotte.

Melanie shared with us her original college journey and path to return after taking time to start and grow her family. Her drive to provide for her family and set an example for her children led her to choose UNC Charlotte to complete her degree in Business Administration. Enjoy Melanie’s story about her journey.

Tina Burd returned to UNC Charlotte in search of the “University” experience that she yearned for while taking courses at a community college. Read more about her experience as an adult student as a part of Niner Nation!

Shannon returned as a 49er Finish Student to complete her degree after years of volunteering and working abroad. Her desire to further her education and training to achieve her career goals remained unsurpassed until graduation day. Read more about Shannon’s journey and how the 49er Finish Program helped her achieve her goals!

If you are questioning your choice to return or are struggling to make it through, Tony Peek’s story is an inspiring message of how anything is truly possible if you work toward your educational and personal goals.

Finances, apprehensions, and time didn’t stop Mary Bertram from chasing her dream of a higher education for a greater job and the opportunity to write and travel. 

Annie Timmons recalled her return to higher education after a shift in her employer led her to explore other options for career satisfaction and success as a Social Worker

For Cory Burr, navigating the student “groove” as an adult has been easier through campus services and a driving passion towards a career.

Madeleine Michalik decided as a mother to complete her degree at UNC Charlotte!

Aldina is an adult student alumni of UNC Charlotte, who found her affinity of education through resources offered by the university and supportive professors. Read more about Aldina’s journey as an adult student!

Silvia Rojas shares some wise and useful perspectives on her journey, dreams, life experiences, and benefits of being an adult student at UNC Charlotte!

Brenda Archie-Johnson shares the drive to be a role model for her children and family.

Wendy Shelton is an avid learner and caretaker who decided to return to school her love of learning and desire to "be at the top of her game”.

Thomas Frokedal joined the 49ers as a community college transfer from upstate New York seeking a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He believes that investing in your future through education is key!

Rachel Chesley has attended a number of institutions prior coming to UNC Charlotte, but shares her story about her smooth transition to the University.

For Marilyn Brown, it is all about maps. Making them, using them, being all over them…

Wherever he goes and whatever he does, Phil Strickland has one guiding principle. 

Keep Rocking! (read more)

Most students go to college to prepare themselves for life in the “real world.”
George "Trapper" Davis lived in that world to prepare himself for college.

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Words of Wisdom

Completing courses which broaden my outlook, while learning from knowledgeable professors who encourage and inspire me, has been priceless! 

Janice Jordan, Sociology, Social Work Minor

"Ask plenty of questions; don't go it alone.  We all had to start somewhere and there are so many people on campus willing to help.  Good luck!!

Rosemarie Chappell-Trotman, Sociology

"Be able to find balance, if possible.  Having the ability to balance your priorities but also mixing that with your family, job, etc., can be difficult.  Take time to prioritize your schedule ahead of time. Schedule time for yourself and ask questions when you feel lost!"

Bernice Reddington, Management Information Systems and Operations and Supply Chain Management

"Make sure to keep up with your work. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate"


"When you start to feel overwhelmed, breathe and remember why you started this journey in the first place. It will be worth it in the end."

Crystal MannBachelor of Social Work, Class of 2016

"Go to class; take notes; copy those notes; study those notes; and get a good nights sleep!"


"Build a network and get started studying early. Don't wait! Plan, and study! But, make sure you also schedule time for yourself.."

"Deep breaths and lots of coffee!"


"Fear is Temporary. Regret is forever. Stick it out and finish your degree!"

Herrera L.