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Believe in yourself. You bring a lot to the table as an adult student and your professors will see that.

Aldina Hibovic, finding her affinity of education through resources offered by the university and supportive professors.

It was a defining moment in my life once I decided to come back to school at the age of 44 after being laid-off from my job.

Annie Thornton, an inspiring journey to medical school.

I'm so appreciative of the many valuable resources at UNCC that's in place to guide students on the path to success.

Annie Timmons, recalling her return to higher education after a shift in her employer led her to explore other options for career satisfaction and success

If I wanted to have a successful career, then it was time for me to refocus and pursue a brighter future through education.

Cory Burr, navigating the student “groove” as an adult has been easier through campus services and a driving passion towards a career.

Without the OASES team, I would still be lost.

Dean VanHart, sharing a journey of working and attending classes full-time to achieve his educational dreams and professional knowledge

When you are an adult student among 20,000 students who are younger than you, the acts of kindness you receive from OASES mean so much.

George Davis, while most students go to college to prepare themselves for life in the “real world”, lived in that world to prepare himself for college

Be encouraged that it doesn't matter what circumstances life doles out; we can overcome, succeed and enrich the lives of others.

Janice Jordan, an employee at the university, opens up about her experiences that have contributed to her success.

Dreams really can come true, if you continue to put one foot in front of the other and never give up...

Judith Steverson, in pursuit of completing her degree after being laid off from her job, begins at UNC Charlotte.

Life can get in the way; don't let it stop you.

Kristine Bishopp, walking the stage with Magna Cum Laude honor cords; 26 years in the making.

Not only did my work agree, they gave me their full support and encouraged me to apply for the program.

Larina Green, an example that study abroad is possible as a nontraditional student!

UNC Charlotte is an embarrassment of riches. There are people here who are happy to help you with anything.

Marilyn Brown, shares that it's all about maps. Making them, using them, being all over them…

I would say don't be afraid, there are teachers there to help you along the way, and the young people are friendly and encouraging.

Mary Bertram, a story of how finances, apprehensions, and time didn’t stop her from chasing her dream of a higher education for a greater job and the opportunity to write and travel.

I am passionate about motivating others and empowering younger students to value their higher educational opportunities now.

Michael P. Corso, returning to school to finish the path he started after completing his service in the military.

I had it in my head that I was going to do this…

Michael “Mike” Jarecke, a story of internship and opportunity.

I have made valuable connections and more than all of that I feel like I have truly found what I want to do.

Rachel Chesley, sharing her transfer student story about her smooth transition to the University.

My advice for adult students looking to return to school is to usurp all the help offered.

Shannon Bodsford, sharing her desire to further her education and reach her true career aspirations.

The best part about my journey is finding a solid group of fellow students (most of them older than average college age) with a similar passion.

Thomas Frokedal, a story of how believing that investing in your future through education is key!

I was usually the oldest person in the class, even older than some of the professors, but that did not stop me from making friends with students.

Tina Burd, returning to UNC Charlotte in search of the “University” experience that she yearned for while taking courses at a community college.

I am defined by me, it’s what I do with what happens to me that determines and defines my life.

Tony Peek, an inspiring message of how anything is truly possible if you work toward your educational and personal goals.

If I can do this, anyone with the mindset to better themselves can return and achieve their goals.

Wendy Shelton, an avid learner and caretaker, decided to return to school her love of learning and desire to "be at the top of her game”.

Student Success Stories

My experience at UNC Charlotte has prepared me by opening my mind to new and innovative ideas and teaching me concepts of critical thinking.

Brenda Archie Johnson, sharing her drive to be a role model for her children and family.

As an adult, I hope the unique challenges you face never make you feel like you can’t participate in educational opportunities like studying abroad.

Julio Cazares, a senior, made it a point to use all resources available...

I want to prove that just because I chose a different path than most, I can still have a successful career.

Madeleine Michalik, deciding as a mother to complete her degree at UNC Charlotte!

I knew that I wanted to spend as much time with my daughter as possible, but still wanted to contribute to our family.

Melanie Buck, the drive to provide for her family and set an example for her children .

I did not and do not have time to join a lot of clubs. But I did look for internships and networking opportunities.

Phil Perry, discussing how returning to school after such a long layoff can be intimidating as an adult student

As he took on the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood, he knew that he needed to move on with his life.

Phil Strickland, wherever he goes and whatever he does, has one guiding principle. Keep Rocking.

I was a bit shy about making new friendships, but I have managed to make friends in all of my classes.

Silvia Rojas, sharing wise and useful perspectives on her journey, dreams, life experiences, and benefits of being an adult student at UNC Charlotte!

What better place to begin a journey of the mind than UNC Charlotte?

William Branch, insightfully recalls how if you find your bliss in learning, UNC Charlotte as the perfect place to start or recommence your journey.

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I didn’t feel that closure until I got that diploma through the mail..

James Williams, a 49er Finish Student determined to cross the finish line.

Charlotte represented a new start for my family...

Tyler Thomas, an adult and Veteran student, shares his journey back to education.