Student Success Stories

Diversity - Stories of Our Nontraditional Students

At UNC Charlotte, learning comes from many different experiences, not just from the classroom. Diversity of a campus community enriches every aspect of a student’s experience and the experiences of nontraditional students enrich our campus community.  Many non-traditional students juggle life, work and family responsibilities in addition to their educational goals. Listed below are stories our student have submitted.

In addition, in a project made possible by a grant from the 2018-2019 Chancellor's Diversity Challenge Fund, five pairs of nontraditional students interviewed each other about their experiences of returning to college and their motivation to pursue their first bachelor's degree. Each pair of students is made up of one nontraditional student who is nearing graduation and one nontraditional student who is just starting out on his or her journey. We hope you will be inspired by the stories from these 49ers.  Click HERE to listen to nontraditional student stories and learn about their educational journey!

Student Success Stories

I didn’t feel that closure until I got that diploma through the mail..

James Williams, A 49er Finish student determined to cross the finish line.

As an adult, I hope the unique challenges you face never make you feel like you can’t participate in educational opportunities like studying abroad.

Julio Cazares, I made it a point to use all resources available.

You can do anything you set your mind to do!

Kelly Fluharty, Enjoy the journey!

I began to feel a strong sense that I was not making the difference in the world that I had hoped to make.

Kelly Thurston, A word from the "Last Graduate Standing"

I knew that I wanted to spend as much time with my daughter as possible, but still wanted to contribute to our family.

Melanie Buck, The drive to provide for her family and set an example for her children .

I did not and do not have time to join a lot of clubs. But I did look for internships and networking opportunities.

Phil Perry, Returning to school after a long layoff can be intimidating as an adult student

We are all Niners!

Raymone Byrd, Current Student, Pre-Business, MIS

I am defined by me, it’s what I do with what happens to me that determines and defines my life.

Tony Peek, An inspiring message of how anything is truly possible if you work toward your educational and personal goals.