Greater Charlotte Consortium - The Greater Charlotte Consortium (GCC) is a cross-town course registration consortium that allows students to take classes at another consortium member institution when the class is not offered at the student's home institution. Students must be enrolled full-time at their home institutions to participate in the GCC. For additional information and a list of the participating institutions, please visit the consortium website.
The mission of Veterans Services, located in Barnard 103, is the successful transition and retention of veteran students through outreach and advocacy.
OASES collaborates with Veterans Services to offer programs and informational sessions particular to veterans throughout the semester. OASES advisors are aware of the unique challenges veteran students face while transitioning into higher education and encourage veterans to make an appointment to develop an academic plan to complete their degree and for a better understanding of college policies.
Admissions offers daily campus tours and Transfer Thursdays. Visit their website to learn more.

You can also take a Self Guided Campus Tour and become familiar with UNC Charlotte on your own.

All incoming students of UNC Charlotte will receive an invitation to complete an online course about sexual violence, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention. The course, called Niners Know, is an engaging and interactive course that will prepare you to be a responsible member of the UNC Charlotte community.
For additional questions regarding Niners Know, email titleixcoordinator@uncc.edu or call the Title IX Office main line at 704-687-6130.
There are a few online degree programs offered through Distance Education. There are no accelerated programs offered at UNC Charlotte. For more information on distance education programs available throughout the UNC system, please visit UNC Online.
UNC Charlotte does not offer family housing at this time. They do offer housing for single adult students. There are also many apartment complexes around campus. Check out Off Campus Housing for some options.
UNC Charlotte students often must find a delicate balance between academic and family obligations. The university does not provide child care at this time, but there are other resources to support parenting students.

Lactation Support

“A Mother's Place”, located in the College of Health and Human Services 305, and “A Mother's Place, Too”, located in Atkins Library G38, are spaces that have been set aside specifically for nursing mothers to express breast milk. A Medela Symphony breast pump is available for use and collection kits are available for purchase through Human Resources. Students can sign up to use “A Mother's Place” (CHHS 305) by contacting Colette Townsend-Chambers at 704-687-7918 or Loraine Ford at 704-687-7919. Students can sign up to use “A Mother's Place, Too” (Atkins Library G38) by contacting Cindy Edwards at 704-687-0658 or at ckedward@uncc.edu, or Adeleen Ashley at 704-687-0650 or at aashle13@uncc.edu.

Atkins Library Family-Friendly Study Room

The ANSWER Scholarship Family-Friendly Library Room is a designated safe space for adult students and their children (0-12) to thrive educationally. The room features an early literacy learning station, two computers, printer, DVD player, and an assortment of children's books and toys. Students who have children and are interested in reserving this space for studying must register in advance by completing this form. Once registered, reservations for this room can be made on the Atkins Library website. The room is secured with swipe access to those registered during their reserved time.


Families seeking quality childcare can benefit from information provided by agencies and organizations focused on monitoring and improving child care in our community. Several such organizations exist locally and at the state level.

At the state level, the North Carolina Division of Child Development (part of the Department of Health and Human Services) offers resources for parents. These include tips on finding the right option for each child and data on regulated facilities in North Carolina. The division also offers a search function that allows families to find care facilities using a number of attributes that may be important to them.

In Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, Child Care Resources, Inc. also offers information about local care facilities. Child Care Resources Inc. is a private, non-profit child care resource and referral agency that works with families and communities.

Summer Camps

Families also may seek information about summer options for their children. The Charlotte Observer and Charlotte Parent Magazine are two organizations that offer searchable online directories listing local summer camps. In addition, UNC Charlotte provides summer enrichment camps called Camps on Campus.

Please note: The existence of external links on this website does not imply (1) an endorsement or approval by UNC Charlotte of any agency or any specific child care or camp provider, its properties, facilities or services, or its business practices, or (2) a warranty or representation by UNC Charlotte as to the quality, safety, or other features of any child care or summer camp provider and/or its owners or management agent(s).

For more information about campus health insurance, go to the UNC Charlotte Health Insurance webpage
IMPORTANT: To waive UNC Charlotte health insurance you MUST complete the waiver form or your UNC Charlotte account will be charged. In the above link, please click on the "insurance waiver" button in the middle of the page. This will take you to the waiver form.
The Transfer Credit Advisor from Undergraduate Admissions can give you a good idea of how your credits will transfer, but only an official transcript evaluation done during the application process can give you a full picture of what your transfer credits will be.
The admissions process is the same for adult students as it is for other new students. The first step is to fill out either the transfer or freshman student online application through Undergraduate Admissions. There is an application fee and students need to submit official transcripts for high school and college. Please view the Prospective Student web page for more information on becoming a student at UNC Charlotte.
The University Center for Academic Excellence (UCAE) provides tutoring, supplemental instruction, student success workshops, personal academic consultations, and more to enhance student success and satisfaction. These services are free to any currently enrolled student.
Check out the Atkins Library Research Guide for Adult Students to learn more about their resources and services.
Additional academic resources both on campus and online are located under the Advising tab.
Internships and job shadowing are great ways to enhance your college education. Please visit the University Career Center for more information on how to take advantage of these opportunities. The Career Center also provides career testing, off campus job postings, and information on career paths available for your major.
The application fee is $75 for undergraduate freshman and transfer students as well as for readmitted students. Be sure you apply for the semester you intend to start. If you are admitted for one semester, but wish to attend the semester after you will have to pay the application fee again.

Sign up for orientation?

You can sign up for Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) at soar.uncc.edu. SOAR is required for student beginning in the Fall, Spring, or Summer II. If you are starting during Summer I, contact your advisor to schedule an appointment. You can sign up for Adult Student Orientation (ASO) on our website. ASO is not mandatory, but covers information for adult students on transitioning into the university and preparing for the first day of school. It is free.

Register for classes?

You will register for classes at SOAR after meeting with your advisor. Your advisor will walk you through the process of what classes to take and how to add them.

Make an advising appointment?

You are welcome to make an advising appointment today by contacting our office (704-687-5104; adultstudents@uncc.edu). However, as a new student you are required to attend SOAR before you can register for classes and you will meet with your advisor at SOAR. SOAR goes pretty quickly and advisors may not have a lot of time for questions on that day so if you have several it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment either before or after SOAR depending on what you are most comfortable with. Most students choose to attend SOAR first then schedule a follow-up appointment to get more information another day.

The Writing Resource Center offers one-on-one writing instruction, assistance with drafting outlines, and writing related resources. Atkins Library can help you with the research, formatting, and citations needed for different subject areas. Check out their Research Guide for Adult Students to learn more. OASES advisors also teach a writing intensive course in the Fall and Spring called College Transition Seminar (UCOL 1010). This course was created to help transition new adult students into the university and help them build up their writing skills. If you are interested in taking this course, contact our office for more information.

The National Center for Education Statistics defines nontraditional students as individuals who may: have delayed enrollment into post secondary education by a year or more; be employed full time while enrolled; attend the institution part-time; be financially independent from parents; have dependents other than a spouse; be a single parent; or do not hold a standard high school diploma.

UNC Charlotte defines adult students as those who are over the age of 24. OASES recognizes that all nontraditional students may not meet the age definition of an adult student on campus, therefore our office serves as a resource to both adult and nontraditional students for their various academic needs.

New students must submit immunization records to the Student Health Center. Check out their website for details on what immunizations are required and where to find your records.
Parking Services offers several options for parking permits to fit diverse student schedules. Check out the Parking Map to find the closest deck or lot to your classes.
The current tuition rate for this academic year is listed on the Tuition and Fees page of the Financial Services website.
OASES is proud to offer several scholarships exclusively for adult and nontraditional students. Check out our scholarship page for details on these and other scholarships available on campus and from community organizations.

Here is a list of some common websites and technology tools you may need to acces as a student at UNC Charlotte. These tools create easier access to your course information, registration, contact with instructors and advisors, and other university resources.

UNC Charlotte offers 80+ bachelor's degree programs. Check out the Undergraduate Academic Programs webpage for a list of available majors.
Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte is conveniently located on campus in the Student Union. Please see the bookstore webpage for information on purchasing textbooks online or in store. Once you've registered for classes, click the "Order Books online for your Class Schedule" to view the required textbooks.

There are many places on campus that are good for studying. Here is a list of some spots we recommend:

  • J. Murrey Atkins Library - Reserve a study room in the Library

  • Fretwell Building

  • Duke Centennial Hall

  • Denny Commuter Lounge

  • College of Education

  • Student Union

  • Cone Center

    Video Library


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    How do I apply for admission as an adult student?